Parkview operates bright, welcoming and well-regarded child care centres in Halton region. Parkview’s level of service was exemplary, but much of their organizational energy was going to meeting their own lofty standards and satisfying day-to-day objectives.

They sought an Executive Director who could recognize opportunities and lead them at a strategic level: an advocate who shared their passion for child-development, with the acumen to seize on the potential of Halton, an area rife with opportunity.

Finding them a hand-in-glove fit would mean getting our hands dirty — in primary colours.

Parkview works to realize each child’s potential through Reggio Emelia, a developmental philosophy that sees the very young as active learners rather than targets of instruction. In Reggio, Teachers are facilitators, not demagogues. It assumes that each child is full of ideas and that each classroom’s design is a teacher in itself.

Extensive dialogue with Parkview revealed four foci for the ideal candidate.

While we weren’t looking for a devotee of Reggio Emelia, we knew that the right person would share its spirit and purpose. True champions don’t need coaxing.
Halton Region had recently selected Parkview to operate daycares in two of its senior care facilities. This flourishing relationship could be the primary source of growth for the organization in the near future. A strong candidate would understand the landscape of the region, of child-development, and the educational initiatives found at their delta.
Parkview was an award-winning organization. Well-liked and well-run, with new projects underway and Halton Region’s Early Learning and Child Care planning document in its hands. It needed an executive who could make the most of strategic opportunities, immediately. Someone with the acumen and energy to hit the ground running – and keep running.
The people of Parkview genuinely cared about their mission. We wanted to bring them someone who felt that they were doing great things. Someone excited at the chance to lead them to even greater opportunities.
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The Derhak Difference

Our "up front" investment in understanding our client lead to a clearer, faster, and more successful search.

* We immersed ourselves in the client's background, philosophy and culture

* Winning candidate was educated, professionally prepared, and passionate

*Three years later she's still leading

* Quality of experience lead to more searches from client

Executive Director

Our Process

The Result

We began by doing our homework. Long before any candidates were contacted, we interviewed Parkview staff (at all levels) and talked to parents. We researched and explored Reggio Emelia with curiosity and appreciation.

We discovered that Parkview people have a passion for what they do. We can relate to that! Their commitment to helping others succeed is familiar and inspiring.

The hours we put in to truly understand our client paid off. Our candidate funnel filled quickly, and we zeroed in on an individual whose expertise coloured both inside and outside the lines. A strategic planner with a history of advising early-childhood-education organizations in Halton Region, (Parkview among them) Sheree Abram-Tilk was educated, eager to take on the role, and passionate about childcare, Sheree had an immediate impact and continues to do so some three years later.

But don’t take our word for it:

Nearly three years later, our candidate is still Going Strong

Imagine what a mover like that could shake up for you.

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