BayBridge is an organization rooted in service. Every department is involved with their elderly constituents at a field level. Accounts payable sits with the kitchen staff to devise programs and provide a level of care that reflects the values of the organization – respect, compassion and excellence.

BayBridge executives are expected to be even more hands-on. The prime directive for each executive is to clear obstacles that keep front-line team members from providing the best possible environment for residents. This leadership style demands passionate, principled, and skilled individuals, people who want to make a difference in the lives of others.

Memory impairment and dementia are (too often) the handmaids of ageing. Diseases like cancer and even their treatments can complicate that puzzle. BayBridge tasked us with an executive who could build, lead and deliver their memory programs across the organization, someone who dovetailed with their leadership style and values. Aggressive bidding for top talent in the industry and the scarcity of individuals with a memory-program pedigree made this search exponentially harder. It’s why BayBridge called us; these are exactly the kind of challenges we enjoy.

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The Derhak Difference

Painstaking discovery of client needs lead to an Exceptional candidate
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* A PhD with her own international program, a passion for senior care and a comprehensive understanding of Cognitive Ageing

* Introduced BayBridge to parallel programs and orgs

* Resulting innovative programs and partnerships created national visibility

Director, Dementia

Our Process

As we talked, it became clear that what this flourishing company was trying to realize a business objective: visibility and thought-leadership in an area that’s critically important to seniors, their caregivers, and family.

Parsed this way, our search broadened. We began to look for people who might bring new perspectives and professional networks. We researched Alzheimer’s associations and university faculty, and spoke to leaders in gerontology to widen our understanding of how Memory Care is categorized.

This process also helped us measure the cultural fit and map likely outcomes of top candidates. One candidate mapped extremely well. A PhD in Neuropsychology, a former research director for the Alzheimer Society of Canada and founder of her own cognitive improvement program, currently in its 12th year. She brought tremendous clinical insight to the table, and with it the ability to adopt leading-edge techniques from other industries.

The Result

Under Heather Palmer’s leadership, BayBridge’s programs went beyond memory care to encompass the spectrum of Cognitive Ageing. Eighteen months later, this collaborative and inclusive approach has lead to greater involvement with not-for-profit groups, volunteers and like-minded communities such as hospitals and research groups. 

This improved BayBridge’s visibility in senior living in general, but specifically (and critically) it helped them realize their values and commitment to service. An executive’s duty at BayBridge is to clear obstacles. We did that by helping them hire a leader with an immaculate understanding of the space and a passion for making a difference. Someone who could help the company offer superlative programs and care.

We turned thought leadership into industry leadership

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